Illinois Lifts In-Person Registration Requirement for Online Sports Betting, Partially Reverses Ban on In-State Collegiate Betting

This past Friday, December 17, Illinois Gov. Jay Pritzker signed House Bill 3136 into law, which amends the state’s sports betting law in order to (i) allow Illinois residents to register remotely for online sports betting platforms; and (ii) allow wagering on in-state collegiate sporting events under certain conditions.

Under the original sports betting law, which was enacted nearly two years ago, anyone wishing to participate in online sports betting was required to register in person at a retail sportsbook location. Per the new law, beginning March 5, 2022, bettors located in Illinois will be permitted to register remotely (i.e., online or through a mobile betting app) for an account with a state-licensed online sportsbook operator.

The new law also partially reverses the ban on in-state collegiate sports betting, authorizing Illinois users to wager on collegiate sporting events involving Illinois schools provided that: (i) all wagers relate exclusively to the final score or outcome of the event (i.e., no betting on an individual athlete’s performance); (ii) all wagers are placed in person (i.e., no online or mobile betting on in-state collegiate sporting events); and (iii) all wagers are placed before the collegiate sporting event in question has begun. The law’s collegiate sports betting provisions are effective immediately.

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